Virtual reality in action: VR Active at TomorrowLand

Virtual reality in action: VR Active at TomorrowLand

The TomorrowLand entertainment center presents a groundbreaking attraction that takes visitors into the exciting world of virtual reality. "VR Active" is a unique opportunity to experience incredible thrills and adventures in virtual space. Let's take a look at what this attraction offers.

A glimpse of "VR Active"

"VR Active" gives visitors a choice of three immersive virtual worlds:

Beat Saber: Using lightsabers, visitors can immerse themselves in a world of rhythmic music and destroy blocks to the beat of the music.
Superhot: Immerse yourself in a unique world where time only passes when you move. This is a true test of reaction and strategic thinking.
Space Pirates Trainer: In this game, visitors will become space pirates, defending their ship from the invasion of hostile forces.
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Virtual reality technology

"VR Active" uses state-of-the-art virtual reality technology to provide the most realistic experience possible. High-quality virtual worlds and precise motion tracking create a stunning experience of being in another dimension.

Personalized selection

One of the key features of "VR Active" is the ability to choose a game. Visitors can enjoy a variety of virtual adventures, each promising a unique experience.

Safety and pleasure

The Tomorrowland entertainment center places great emphasis on safety. All visitors receive a brief training session before using the virtual reality experience, and staff make sure the experience is safe and fun.


"VR Active" at TomorrowLand Entertainment Center is a virtual adventure that leaves an unforgettable experience. The attraction combines technology and entertainment, offering visitors a wide range of virtual worlds to explore. Regardless of the game chosen, "VR Active" promises an exciting and intense immersion in the world of virtual reality.